Clear as a Bell (2016)

HD Video, 7 minutes 30 seconds (looped)

»Clear as a bell, shot in the National Railway Museum in York, UK, follows a group of impeccably dressed older men as they navigate the levers and signals of a model railway system designed to educate trainees in block signalling, a form of communication rendered obsolete by digital technology. The men swap subtle nods and hooded glances, their quick steps and watchful gestures evocative of a wordless choreography through which unspoken – or unspeakable – desires are sublimated, circulated, distributed.

The close-ups of levers and chains is anatomical in its focus, which suggests another reading: that we are inside a body just as real as those belonging to the men who tend to it.«

– Patrick Langley, Writer and Editor


Signalbox T – Richard Pulleyn
Signalbox A – Graham Hardcastle
Signalbox B – Allen Lewis
Signalbox C – Steve Hall
Driver 1 – David Eastoe
Driver 2 – Peter Munthe Webster

Director – Rob Crosse
Producer – Emily Rudge
Director of Photography – Nic Britt
1st AC / Focus Puller – Tom O’Keefe
Sound recrodist – Adam Laschinger
Museum Coordinator – Phil Graham
Colourist – Brendan Buckingham
Sound design & Mix – Rob Szeliga

Commission by Kingsgate Workshops
Supported by Arts Council England and the National Railway Museum