Mall Walking (2015)

»Mall Walking, directed by Rob Crosse, quietly depicts the morning exercises of a group elderly residents of Omaha, USA. They’re known as mall walkers, and they attempt to keep trim by strolling around the corridors of a suburban shopping centre. Some walk alone, others chatting in groups; but they’re not consuming. Instead, they take advantage of this air-conditioned faux-public space. The contemporary mall is, of course, the liminal non-space of choice for the dystopian-butch writer of late capitalism. It has it all; the uncanny simulacra of the public, complete with market squares and fountains; the smoothing over of conflict and difficulty, from soothing piped music to privatised security apparatus; and the relentless invocation to consume, and, in doing so, to identify with consuming. The elderly mall walkers offer a disconcerting challenge to this. Within their non-commercial use of the space, they carve out a quiet moment for themselves, or for socialising, and for something human.«

  • Huw Lemmy, Jerwood Staging Series, Slant – for the Unsettling


With thanks to the Mall Walkers of Westroads Mall
Camera Operator / Editor – Rob Crosse
Additional Camera – Make Believe New Media
Sound Recordist – Skylar Reed
Sound Mix – Jake Gill
Colourist – Nadeem Ali

Special Thanks to
Miguel Cedillo
Jodi Hoatson
General Growth Properties
Ellina Kervorkian
Holly Kranker
Alex Priest
The staff of Westroads Mall
Daniel Thompson II
Amy Vanderpool
Supported by Bemis Center for Contemporary Art and Heart and Sole Walking Program