Prime Time (2017)

HD Video, 22 minutes (looped)

»In Prime Time the dignity and defiance of the aged body is not expressed through anti-consumerist activity but through quiet moments of commercial leisure. The subjects of the film are members of a support group of gay men, „Prime Timers“, who take a Caribbean cruise together. Crosse’s film singles out individuals, couples, and groups of Prime Timers against the impersonal backdrop of a large cruise ship peopled predominantly with heterosexual vacationers. There are shots of the men frolicking in the bar and casino and on the dance floor, but it is the select intimate shots of them alone while shaving or getting dressed for the evening that truly stand out for their candid depiction of the effects of time on the aged body.«

  • Marc Siegel, Professor für Filmwissenschaft, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz


Featuring Prime Timers: Bill Arata, Dan Beechy, Larry Boyd, John Q. Caceci, John Darst, John Delameter, Mike Fox, Wayne Hall, Gordon Harris, Ed Hart, Bill Hodges, Frank Kalian, Richard Keagael, Marvin S. Levin, Henry McMorris, Joseph M. Long, Thomas Long, Andreas, Markowski, Archie Needham, Keith Norville, Ricardo Otero, Robert Rosenthal, David Rubin, Larry Sage, Dean Semmer, Paul Stifel, Michael Stone, Marc Turner, Bruve Veeder, Floyd Ward, Robert West.

Executive Producer – Steven Bode, FVU
Producer and Production Supervisor – Susanna Chisholm, FVU
Producer and Production Manager – Emily Rudge
Director – Rob Crosse
Director of Photography – Deepa Keshvala
Sound Recordist – Adam Lashinger
Fixer – Adam Rogers
Editor – Rob Crosse
Sound Mix and Master – Rob Szeliga
Colourist – Brendan Buckingham, The Mill
Equipment – Mar Media Digital Cinema Rentals & Budget Video Rental
Insurance – Integro Entertainment
Production Accountant – Sophie Luard, FVU
Travel Agent – Bobette Spence, Courtyard Travel

Special thanks to

Simon Acland, Nadeem Ali, Lucy Beech, David Bishop, Gregg Boxall, Anna Colin, Bob Ford, Gordon Harris, Dan Kreeger, Lucy Mason, James McNellan, Richard Parry, Prime Timers Worldwide, Marianna Simnett, Michael Stone, The staff on Celebrity Reflection
Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella with Grundy Art Gallery.
Supported by Arts Council EnglandShot on location in the Caribbean aboard the Celebrity Refleciton, Celebrity Cruises