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Ars Viva Prize 2021 – Since 1953, the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e. V. awards the prestigious ars viva prize for visual arts annually to outstanding artists being under the age of 35 living in Germany. The jury focuses on works that display an independent formal language and an awareness of contemporary issues […]

Used cloths, pins – dimensions variable A series of used mechanics cloths are assembled into a line. Each cloth represents a single fold in the sequence to show the different stages in transforming a cloth into a flower.

HD Video, 3 minutes 15 seconds (looped) A group of men work collectively to re-create a model railway layout from their past.

01 April – 03 June 2017 “Prime Time is the title of both a new film commission and the first major solo exhibition in a public gallery by the artist Rob Crosse. His latest film Prime Time (2017) will be shown for the first time in the exhibition and has been commissioned by Film and […]

HD Video, 14 Minutes (looped) »Mall Walking, directed by Rob Crosse, quietly depicts the morning exercises of a group of elderly residents of Omaha, USA. They’re known as mall walkers, and they attempt to keep trim by strolling around the corridors of a suburban shopping centre. Some walk alone, others chatting in groups, but they’re […]

HD Video, 9 minutes 30 seconds (looped) »For the first time in his videos, Crosse provides narration, describing a series of encounters with an older male lover. Interspersed with the account is a love song in which the narrator commits himself to caring for his lover through senility and death, helping him across the street, […]

HD Video, 22 minutes (looped) »In Prime Time the dignity and defiance of the aged body is not expressed through anti-consumerist activity but through quiet moments of commercial leisure. The subjects of the film are members of a support group of gay men, “Prime Timers”, who take a Caribbean cruise together. Crosse’s film singles out […]

Jerwood, UK, 20 Jun – 26 Aug 2018 »For Jerwood Solo Presentations, Rob Crosse has produced a new series of photographs and a moving image work which continue his ongoing investigation into ageing, bodies, desire and manufacturing. Footage from a vintage car race depicting owners preparing their vehicles for a race is positioned with photographic […]

HD Vide, 7 minutes 30 seconds (looped) »Clear as a bell, shot in the National Railway Museum in York, UK, follows a group of impeccably dressed older men as they navigate the levers and signals of a model railway system designed to educate trainees in block signalling, a form of communication rendered obsolete by digital […]