HD Video, Stereo, 4 minutes 30 seconds (looped) Filmed inside The Den, Millwall FC’s notorious football stadium, Home Advantage looks at the relationship between supporters and the the stadiums architecture.

All the things I didn’t tell you consists of a series of found photo albums assembled in cardboard boxes. Contained in each album is an individual drawing on the paper used to protect the photographs between pages. Drawings of hands touching, holding and pinning bodies down are barely visible, hinting at the fractured nature of […]

HD video, 5.1 Surround sound, 13 minutes (looped) Wood for the Trees explores systems of support that place value on inter-generational exchange and communication, drawing connections between a queer multi generational housing project in Berlin and a group of scientists gathering data in an old growth forest. Combining interviews with future residents of the housing […]

Text by Lucas Odahara It took us long to talk about our families. Living mostly outside of what they are willing to imagine, the path to this topic can be a difficult one. But when we did talk about it, it wasn’t small talk. We were speaking from the edge of their gaze. That’s how […]

HD video, 50 seconds (looped) A man demonstrates his morning exercise routine of strengthening the muscles in his legs

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Ars Viva Prize 2021 – Since 1953, the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e. V. awards the prestigious ars viva prize for visual arts annually to outstanding artists being under the age of 35 living in Germany. The jury focuses on works that display an independent formal language and an awareness of contemporary issues […]

Used cloths, pins – dimensions variable A series of used mechanics cloths are folded from one form into another and assembled into a line.

HD Video, 3 minutes 15 seconds (looped) A group of men work collectively to re-create a model railway layout based on photos and memory of a railway station that no longer exists.

01 April – 03 June 2017 “Prime Time is the title of both a new film commission and the first major solo exhibition in a public gallery by the artist Rob Crosse. His latest film Prime Time (2017) will be shown for the first time in the exhibition and has been commissioned by Film and […]