Exhibition: Solo Presentations, Jerwood, UK (2018)

Jerwood, UK, 20 Jun – 26 Aug 2018

»For Jerwood Solo Presentations, Rob Crosse has produced a new series of photographs and a moving image work which continue his ongoing investigation into ageing, bodies, desire and manufacturing. Footage from a vintage car race depicting owners preparing their vehicles for a race is positioned with photographic studies of older male lovers. Through the careful maintenance of a car or the human body they, when brought together, mediate on time, age, and progress.«

»Rob Crosse presents a new performance within the space of his Jerwood Solo Presentations exhibition at Jerwood Space. Set to the rhythm of an automated car-manufacturing garage, One day all this could be yours is a story of intergenerational desire. Told through the perspective of a younger man attracted to older men, the performance explores connections between the influences of industry, care and desire.«